Dear All,

May was such a fantastic month, not only did we have events and races in Sprint and Slalom but we’ve also seen a great deal of success and achievement. Nottingham hosted the Sprint Crew Boat process, which saw nearly 50 athletes and coaches come together to develop their crew boat skills and trial different seat combinations ahead of the Sprint Junior and U23 GB Selection event in early July.  

On the same weekend,on the other side of the regatta lake, the Slalom Junior and U23 GB Selection event was taking place. Congratulations to the 11 English Talent athletes that qualified to both teams and all those that qualified as a reserve. Success comes in many different ways and a huge congratulations is owed to all those who raced at the event, it was clear how much effort and investment has been committed over the last 14 months, in the most challenging of circumstances, well done to all!

It should be noted that neither event would not have been possible without the support of staff, coaches, parents, athletes and the wider community. It was great to see people back out on the water, in the sunshine, doing what they love! Long may it continue.

Best Regards,


Richard Ramsdale
Head of Talent 

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Talent Programme Guidance

You can view the England Talent Programme guidance here.

To help keep everyone safe please ensure that you:

  • Follow the current government covid advice
  • Are aware of and follow our Talent Programme Session guidance
  • We highly encourage athletes to make use of the free lateral flow tests (sent out to UK households) to get tested twice weekly. This will help to protect yourself and your training environment
  • Don’t come to training with any symptoms of any illness, please stay away
  • If your school asks you to self-isolate please make sure you inform your coach and please stay away from your training group and coach, self-isolation means isolation from training as well!

The government roadmap plans for a possible further easing of restrictions on June 21st and we will be in contact with any changes to this advice. 

Full information and useful resources can be found via:

Sports Parent Advice

We are pleased to share the latest resources from Sport Parents EU, an international project aiming to support parents to support children involved in sport. These resources are also useful for instructors, coaches and providers.

Sports Parents EU have shared advice for parents at competitions and helping children manage anxiety. There are also lots more bitesize tips on their resource page HERE.

2021/2022 Draft Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme Nomination Policy

The draft 2021/2022 Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS) nomination policy was published in May and is available to view on our webpage HERE.  

The England Talent TASS programme is primarily intended to support athletes that are just outside the World Class UK Programme stages of the performance pathway, supporting those athletes in Further or Higher Education.  

The level of support offered by TASS is typically confirmed in July/August each year. In the interests of transparency, this document is being shared prior to this confirmation as some events that are likely to contribute towards nomination consideration occur before the point. 

This document is shared with the proviso that any changes in our final support from TASS may impact on the specific detail laid out in this document.


Growth Mindset: The Pygmalion Effect

We know that our individual mindsets (growth mindset & fixed mindset) can impact our capacity to grow. But how do our mindsets impact others? Renowned researcher, Robert Rosenthal outlines his work and shows how our expectations can have a huge impact on the performance and development of the people around us.

A really engaging video that is worth a watch for coaches and parents alike.

Coaching Catch Up

Continuing on with our coaching catch up series Daniel Thompson recently caught up with Ian Raspin; England National Talent Coach - Canoe Slalom to discuss how Ian got into paddling, his international paddling career, competing at two Olympic Games and his coaching journey.

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